The notepad for the digital age...

RoWrite brings the traditional notepad into the digital age to capture ideas, notes, and drawings. Handwritten notes are captured on paper and digitally at the same time. Everything in one place, for editing or sharing when connected to a device with the free RoWrite app.

At home, RoWrite boosts creativity and helps your child improve writing, math, and motor skills. Using regular paper and a pressure-sensitive pen with standard ink, it's easy to use. And, RoWrite captures every stroke, so you can share videos of your child's digital creations with family and friends.

Studies show handwriting improves data retention over typing. In school or the office, using RoWrite helps you remember what was said. Take your notes and easily add shapes and symbols, the app will even convert handwriting to editable text. Everything in one place, ready to share with one click.

RoWrite is perfect for anyone who enjoys sketching or gets paid to illustrate. Choose different digital drawing instruments, and bring your ideas to life by selecting up to 81 pre-set colors, or customizing your own. With one click, share your sketch or post a stroke-by-stroke video for others to see.

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